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The new Cinemark Theater Alliance Town Center is making it fun to go to the movies again!  I just visited the Cinemark Theater Alliance Town Center this week, this theater is both beautiful and well designed.  This Cinemark Theater features some great innovations for the avid movie goer.  While the self- serve ticket kiosks are still outside, the actual ticket window has been completely moved inside the building. The lobby area is very large and airy with plenty of room for waiting in line. Considering that it was over 100 degrees on the day I visited, standing in an air conditioned line with kids while waiting to purchase tickets is really appreciated.  The Concession area is another part of the theater that is unique.  Right away you will notice that the goal is to be more upscale, right away you find yourself walking towards the coffee and ice-cream bar.  The popcorn, candy and drinks section of the concessions area are shaped like 2 mirror image L’s. The concession area features a semi self-serve design.  This self –serve design actually speeds things up considerably with many of the items, particularly useful when all you want is a drink with a little ice.

Inside the auditoriums, the walkways are spacious and the lighting before and after the movie is well thought out. You can easily see where you are walking without tripping.  The theater does not have to be made so bright that you cannot see the credits after your film.  The stadium seats are large hi-backed wide comfortable vinyl seats that rock.  The leg room in between rows is generous, we saw people that were at least six foot four inches tall sitting comfortably with room to spare.  One of the items though that I most appreciated was the quality of the sound.  Often at the movies, the sound can be so loud that in action movies it can be really uncomfortable to sit through.  At the Cinemark the sound was very clear and not exceptionally loud, making it easy to understand dialog, feel engaged in the action, and importantly keeping my ears from ringing.  The projectors were bright and the quality was exception as you would expect at a theater with new digital projectors well.  The screens are very large in fact and slightly concaved which seems to provide a slightly more immersive film experience.

One final word of note about the Cinemark Theater Alliance Town Center, the theater is offering many special one night only shows that are worth looking into.  I saw previews for old movies, concerts, Ballet performances and so on.  The ideas of seeing masterpiece films like The Wizard of Oz and Casablanca or great performances on the big screen gives Cinemark Theater Alliance Town Center an  entirely new and exciting dimension for film and culture buffs alike

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